The hits just keep on coming.

Lately my fiance has been having a lot of health problems so we've been at the doctor's office an obscene amount of time. We thought it was some sort of food allergy at first because of the symptoms, but we found out after his latest appointment that it's actually something more serious. Today he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It's a bowel disease and it causes him a lot of pain quite frequently. I'm still unaware of a lot of the details because of how recently he's been diagnosed, but we have been told that if he has another bad flare-up, we're supposed to admit him to the hospital.

Yet again, wedding planning is on hold while he and I get his body back into shape and healthy. It also means that online life is on hold. I'll remain co-mod of team mashup and assist with reminders for that (and participate whenever possible) but aside from that, all other online things have to wait. I don't know how long this hiatus will last.

Here's to my fiance, in hopes that he gets well soon. He's all I have left and I hate seeing him suffer.


Wedding planning is kind of a nightmare, especially now that my mom is gone... should I invest in a Pinterest account? Do you guys think it would help?

I know there aren't many of you that I have friended, but some advice would really help me out!